Guitar Amplifier Project

Champ Project

This page documents a guitar amplifier project I completed in 2011. It works and sounds great; it has served my primary amp that I play at home for over a year now. I might cover the cabinet; I might not. I've also thought about just painting it in a glossy color.

Picture of amplifier

The basic design (schematic, layout) is that of a Fender Champ 5F1. It uses a 12AX7 for the preamplifier section and a 6V6GT for the power amplifier section in a cascaded Class A configuration. I also decided to keep the original tube power supply (using a 5Y3GT rectifier).

Approach high voltage DC electronics (such as a guitar amp) with EXTREME CAUTION...POINTING AT THE WRONG THING CAN KILL YOU.

My advice would be to find a person that repairs old tube televisions (or at one point in time did). Or maybe find a store that still sells tubes and hang out there a bit...learn from others...DON'T DIE!

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